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I have one computer. I am running two instances of 2 differently installed Apache servers.

1 via WAMP 1 via Zend Framework

I wish for wamp to be connected towards "karl.local" And for Zend to be connected via "zend.local"

Now i have in the Windows HOSTS file:   karl.local   zend.local

And in each on the apaches httpd.conf file:

# WAMP Apache
Listen  80

# Zend Apache

(Yes I have the whole: "< VirtualHost..." included at the bottom of each conf file)

This isn't working, "zend.local" is still pointing towards my wamp server and not the zend one. What am I doing wrong?

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Listen 80

in your WAMP-Apache config is a catchall, it listens to every localhost address. You should specify

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