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In Mac OS X Lion, given a group's GeneratedUID, what command can I do a reverse lookup and find the group name? DSeditgroup (group name) will give me the GUID, but I'm looking for the reverse.

Thank you in advance.

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Take a look at the getgrnam() or getgrgid() C functions included in Mac OS X.

See the getgrent manual page.

man getgrent

Also here is an example that needs some work, but something along these lines should allow given a GID number, lookup and print the group name.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <grp.h>

int main()
    struct group myGroup;

    struct group *grp;

    grp = &myGroup;

    grp = getgrgid(20); // <--- Enter your group ID number

    if (grp == NULL)
        printf("Something went wrong\n");

    printf("Group Name is: %s\n", myGroup.gr_name);
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