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In Outlook 2007 the move to folder options change based on which folder you last moved a file to.

Is it possible to fix these options to a list of folders of my choice.

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Quick Steps are Office 2010. In Office 2007, the move-to-folder in the Inbox toolbar only gives the last used folder. With the message open, however, you can click on Message to open the ribbon where there is also a Move to Folder which gives the most recent folders used. You can right-click on this Move to Folder in the ribbon and choose to add it to the Quick Access Toolbar. You can access that quickly from the keyboard by tapping Alt and then the number corresponding to the Move to Folder in the Quick Access Toolbar.

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As its Outlook 2007 I ended up using the macro here

to define custom move to folder buttons for the folders I use most often.



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Sounds like a job for Quick Steps.

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