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I'm trying to set up two virtual hosts. Here's my httpd config:

<Directory /Users/userX/dev/sandbox-2>
    Order deny,allow
    deny from All
    Allow from localhost


    DocumentRoot "/Users/userX/dev/sandbox-2"
    ServerName blah                                                        

    DocumentRoot "/Users/userX/dev/sandbox"
    ServerName fooboar

My problem is that, no matter which server name I try to access in my browser (blah or foobar) it'll serve from blah's DocumentRoot. However, if I were to comment out the the VirtualHost for blah, then it'll take me to foobar's DocumentRoot.

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I haven't seen vhosts done that way, could you try changing the three instances of to to make sure it matches? – Paul May 25 '12 at 3:20
Thanks. You're right but there were actually multiple mistakes with my config. Solution posted at the bottom. – Glide May 25 '12 at 8:56

There are multiple issues..

The biggest one is that I had a typo. (I had fooboar, not foobar)

Second, I need to include the port in NameVirtualHost as well as in

Also, what helped a lot while debugging this was start httpd in debug mode which is:

apachectl -e debug
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