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I performed a Full Back-up of my Windows 7 machine to an HFS harddrive, and could not recover from the harddrive after a format and reinstall because the system would not recognize the drive. The backup appeared as a filetree, not a .bkf file (when I viewed it in Mac OS X), and I moved the whole file tree to a file server communicating through Samba so that my machine could see the files.

After trying to run the advanced restore from the file server, I recieve error message as follows:

Windows was not able to load the selected backup for the following reason:
There is a problem with the backup catalog. Restore from a different backup
or create a new, full backup. (0x810000E3)
Verify that this location is valid and try again, or consider choosing a 
different backup.

I have tried (as was suggested in another forum) copying the MediaID.bin file from the root of the backup to the root (C:\) drive of my computer, with still the same error message.

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