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I have a VMware machine which has got trapped thinking that Alt is down - so trying to type results in activating menu functions like save etc. How can I return it to reality?

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If the operating system is Windows, you can use AutoHotkey to force keys to be released:

Send, {Shift Up}
Send, {LShift Up}
Send, {RShift Up}
Send, {Alt Up}
Send, {LAlt Up}
Send, {RAlt Up}
Send, {Control Up}
Send, {LControl Up}
Send, {RControl Up}
Send, {LWin Up}
Send, {RWin Up}


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  • The VMware Knowledge Base Entry on the topic recommends to press the stuck keys individually, inside the VM. However, this doesn't always work (it didn't work for me today).
  • You can also try holding the keys down as you grab the input into the virtual machine, then releasing them. This too doesn't always work.
  • In the case of the above not working, you will have to convince the guest operating system to change them:
    • On Windows, go to the Accessibility Options (sometimes known as Ease of Access Center) in the Control Panel, and enable StickyKeys. This will turn Ctrl, Alt and Shift on and off with each keypress, rather than when held down. Press the stuck key until it is in the off state, then turn off Sticky Keys again. (Note: you can also turn StickyKeys on by pressing Shift five times in a row in the default setup)
    • On a Linux OS, this advice may help
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