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I made the big mistake of installing video capture software from NCH and afterwards noticed that besides installing (and trying to install) all kinds of crap I didn't want, without asking (including, ironically, the Ask Toolbar), it attempted to change my IE homepage to something else. I prevented this because Spybot notified me about what it was trying to do, and I denied permission for the registry change.

After this fiasco, I spent a good amount of time rooting NCH out of my machine, but one of its legacies was IE new tab creation. Now, instead of creating a new tab with an "about: blank" in the address bar, it creates a new instance of Gmail! Which is actually what I've set my browser's homepage to, but I want the "about: blank" back!

Anyone know how to fix this?

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Sorry to hear you had such a poor experience - NCH Software is taking the right steps for its users: Toolbar Uninstall Instructions - Only in Older Versions of Software ||||| Is NCH Software Safe? – HydroxCookieHoax Jan 28 at 15:48
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  1. Go to Tools -> Internet options
  2. Under Tabs, click on Settings
  3. There's a setting called "When a new tab is opened, open:" which is currently probably set to "Your first home page"; change it to "A blank page"

enter image description here

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Yes! Thanks -- I'm a brilliant professional programmer by day, and a complete idiot sometimes when it comes to normal-person tools. – Cyberherbalist May 25 '12 at 10:45

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