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I have been working with 3D primitives in Three.js, but now I want to import some models. I plan on using Blender, which I have just downloaded with:

sudo apt-get install blender

However, I was instructed to put the import/export scripts in the .blender/2.62/scripts/addons folder, but it does not exist! .blender/2.62 does exist, but it only has a config folder.

The next thing I did is manually changed the script search path in Blender's preferences from // to my homefolder/scripts, which contained the required io_mesh_threejs folder (which, in turn had the .py scripts inside).

I saved the changes, restarted Blender, but still nothing: in the menu there is no mention of Three.js at all!

What do I do? It would be great if I knew the installation path for Blender, because maybe I could put those scripts there manually. Where should it be installed?

EDIT: these are the scripts I'm talking about, along with the instructions:

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The scripts should go in /usr/lib/blender/scripts/addons/.

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You may need to give the scripts execute rights. Enter this in the folder of the addons:

chmod -R +x /usr/lib/blender/scripts/addons/io_mesh_threejs

There may be errors otherwise.

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