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I have a netbook that doesn't have optical media. I want to install my wireless adapter drivers, but they're on CD and the link on OEM site is broke.

Is there a program (I've tried drag & drop from CD/content to USB, but it didn't work) that can 'put' this CD onto USB?

Could the same thing (CD to USB) be done for something like a game or anything else?

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you don't need any software for this. just copy the content of the CD onto a USB dtick/SDHC card.

then run the installer or extract the driver and install it manually via the device manager.

if you want to use a recorded ISO of the CD, you can mount it with WinCDEmu on your netbook.

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It "should" work by doing what you said (copying the files over and running the installer), but if it doesn't you can make an image (ISO) out of the CD using ImgBurn and then "mount" the image as if the CD were in a drive.

Is this Linux or Windows? the procedure to mount the CD is different in both.

And yes, this should work with other CD-based applications, although most recent games will have copy protection schemes that are designed to make this process fail.

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