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I have here a Dell Poweredge 850 which I got from my old work, I just install windows 7 to test and see if everything is ok, I want to set it up as a linux ubuntu server using Virtualbox, and or vmware ESXi,

I read that this require VT Enabled in the bios, I cannot find this option except under CPU : EM64T

is this the same as VT Enable ?

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No. EMT64T refers to intel's implementation of the 64 bit extensions to the x86 architecture. VT-enabled refers to the processor/motherboard combo supporting the VT-X extentions. There are also VT-D extentions which are necessary for some VM software to have direct, or near direct access to hardware

You should be able to run virtualbox with no issues unless you want to run a 64 bit guest on a 32 bit host (in short, go for a 64 bit host os if you can). esxi dosen't mention vt-d as a requirement , but its a bit picky about supported hard disk controllers.

Your system dosen't have VT enabled, but running either option should be possible.

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No, that is not the same thing. EM64T simply means that it supports "long mode", or 64-bit memory addressing mode. Not all Intel CPUs support VT. What exact model is it? If your BIOS doesn't show it, it probably doesn't have it.

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