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I have workbook A, which has 20 sheets in it, that I work out of consistently. There are 3 sheets out of this workbook that I would like to put into a new workbook, and put it in the public folder of my dropbox so i can share it with my partners. These sheets are active, meaning I am editing the content and formating as data etc. is being entered and arguably consumed.

I know how to have data transfer over automatically, I know you can copy paste, etc. I also know what happens when you just use formulas to transfer data, it doesn't transfer formating.

Is there a way to make Sheet A in Workbook A identical including data and formating to Sheet A in Workbook B.

I'ts like I want to right click on the sheet tab and be able to make it equal to another sheet in another workbook..equal in all ways.

Thanks in advance.

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You didn't say which version you are using, so this is a rather generic answer.

To copy the sheet "AS IS", right click on the tab you want to copy and select Move or copy.... In the dialog that appears, select (new book) and check Create a copy. This should copy the sheet as it is with data and formatting into a new workbook.

enter image description here

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I often just save the whole workbook under a new name and then delete the sheets I don't need. This should work for any version or other software such as OpenOffice. Also useful if you use the same layout from one year for the next - just keep all the sheets.

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