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I installed sSMTP for sending emails from command line.
I want to create some alias for cron jobs:

$ sudo vim /etc/aliases
    # append this line at the end
    myname: root

$ newaliases 
newaliases: Aliases are not used in sSMTP

So I cannot use /etc/aliases any more.
I noticed that there is a /etc/ssmtp/revaliases config file.
What's used for? Is it a aliases file for sSMTP?

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The revaliases file is used to determine the From header of emails based on the user sending it. The only aliases which sSMTP supports is a single destination for UIDs less than 1000. This post suggests setting up aliases with the mail command, but I'm not sure if cron uses this or executes /usr/sbin/sendmail directly.

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