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I'm trying to set up git using my Synology DS212J NAS Server.

I've been following these instructions:

But I am very much a beginner with git.

So far I am stuck on the part where it says to:

Then edit /etc/passwd to enable the user for ssh use. We change he home dir set the login shell:


I keep getting:

-ash: user1:x:1026:100::/volume1/home/user1:/bin/sh: not found

Does anyone have any ideas?

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It appears that your are just typing the line into the shell, you need to edit the /etc/passwd file as it says (using vi or whatever editor you have installed) and add the line (assuming user):

vi /etc/passed

Go to the end of the file, hit shift-a to get to insert mode, hit Enter to start a new line, and paste the following:


Then Esc Then save the file:

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Thank you so much! That did the trick perfectly :D – Jay May 27 '12 at 11:26

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