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I'm trying to set up git on my NAS server (Synology DS212J), and now I've gotten to the part where you're supposed to copy my public key... but I don't really understand what it is referring to.

Is there some way to generate this key for a NAS?

I'm following these instructions:

And got to this step:

Now copy your public key to a share and move it to the authorized_keys file:
mkdir -p /volume1/home/user1/.ssh
mv /volume1/someshare/ /volume1/home/user1/.ssh/authorized_

But when I tried typing those lines in, I got:

nas> mv /volume1/_git/ /volume1/home/user1/.ssh/authorized mv: can't rename '/volume1/_git/': No such file or directory

I had created a new shared directory called "_git" in the NAS.

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Some troubleshooting questions: What is the result of: cd /volume1; ls -al; cd _git; ls -al? Did you ever run the ssh-keygen command? Do you know if you already have a public/private key? You can place all your answers as edits to your question (easier to read ;) ) – Alexander Bird May 28 '12 at 21:39
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ssh-keygen -t rsa

then copy the public part of the key to the auth file on the server.

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