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I would like to fire up openvpn (or stop it) depending on what wireless network I'm connected to.

But dumping env from postup() does not indicate ${SSID} being available at that time.

Staring at net/ doesn't seem to help, so I'm turning to hivemind for help.

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I was originally looking to not launch openvpn based on the SSID I was connecting to. But the better solution I arrived at is to look at the IP.


postup() {
    IP=$(ifconfig ${IFACE} | sed -n 's/.*inet addr:\([0-9.]\+\)\s.*/\1/p')
    OPENVPN=$(if [[ "${IFACE}" != "tun0" && ${IP%.*} != 192.168.[13] ]]; then echo "YES"; fi)

    sw-notify-send -i "${ICONS}/network-status.png" "${IFACE}" "$(ip addr show dev ${IFACE} | grep inet)"

    if [[ -n ${OPENVPN} ]]; then
        sw-notify-send -i "${ICONS}/network-status.png" "${IFACE}" "No IP range conflict detected for ${IP}, starting openvpn"
        /etc/init.d/openvpn -D restart
    return 0

EDIT Even further, I've now moved this logic on to a dhcpcd hook. For this to work, you should send some unique dhcp option value from your special DHCP server: I'm using option 114 "default_url" here.



if [ "$reason" = "BOUND" ]; then
    if [ ! -z ${new_default_url} ]; then
        sw-notify-send $ifname "Detected DHCP default_url $new_default_url, skipping openvpn"
        exit 1

    OPENVPN=$(if [[ $ifname != "tun0" && ${new_network_number%.*} != 192.168.[13] ]]; then echo "YES"; fi)
    if [[ -n $OPENVPN ]]; then
        sw-notify-send $ifname "IP range for $new_ip_address is free, starting openvpn"


    /etc/init.d/"${COMMAND}" -D "${ACTION}"
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I've now moved my VPN start/stop logic into /etc/dhcpcd.enter-hook. – lkraav Dec 25 '12 at 0:49

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