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I kept getting a general error while uploading photos to a photo book website.

So I tried another service and this time I got a specific error ("IMP error") on one of the pics.

If I try to open this photo in paint, I get this error:

D:\MyDocuments\My Pictures\a14.jpg

Paint cannot read this file.

This is not a valid bitmap file, or its format is not currently supported.

If I try to edit it in Picasa, I get this error:

Unable to to write redeye due to a disk error. The disk may be full or read-only.

Despite these errors, I can VIEW the photo in Picasa; plus, Windows 7 was able to make a thumbnail of the pic.

I circumvented the problem by using Prt Scr, crop the desktop to just the image being viewed and then saving that as the image. That's lame though.

Is there anyway I can troubleshoot/repair an image that can be viewed but not altered?

Here is a direct link to the image.

One note to make about this image is that it is almost 6 times bigger (31mb) than the other photos in the set.

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