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I am trying to use he SQLpackage command-line utility (sqlpackage.exe) on a SQL server, but I cannot find it anywhere online. Is it something that I can download as a standalone utility, or is it part of some greater software bundle that I have to install?

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It's included in the "SQL Server Data Tools" from Microsoft.

SQL Server Data Tools proves command-line tools that enable a number of project-oriented database development scenarios.

More info from MS here.

You can download the "SQL Server Data Tools" from MS here.

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This is the path that it was installed to on my machine...

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\110\DAC\bin
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Be aware that it is in Programm Files (x86), even though you install SQL 2012 64bit, MSFT is still struggling with moving to 64bit software. As a mac user hard to believe but true.

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