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We have a Windows 7 laptop that is hooked up to a projector for running slides. I really want to be able to put a barrier between the laptop's display and the projector (which acts as a second display) so that you can't move the cursor to the projector screen. Is this possible?

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The Dual Display Mouse Manager utility allows you to slow down the mouse as it nears the edge of the screen - enabling you to better aim for what you want.

However, it has an additional feature that stops the mouse traversing from one screen to the next, unless Ctrl is held down. This would give you the barrier you want.

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Looks like that will work for what I need. Thanks! However, I can't accept your answer yet, as I have to try it out on the computer (which I won't be running 'til next Sunday). So, hang in there; I haven't forgotten about your answer, and I will be back next week. – daviesgeek May 28 '12 at 5:44

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