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2012-04-12 12:52...... FC
2011-06-24 10:07...... FC
2011-06-24 10:08...... FC
2012-04-17 0:00 ...... COH
2012-04-12 12:22 ...... FC
2011-06-24 10:08......COH
2011-09-06 14:10......COH
2011-09-01 0:00 ...... COH

Goal: To count the amount of "COH" in field B, within a certian timeframe. This example I'd like to try for June 1 2011 - June 30 2011

=COUNTIF(A1:A6, ("<2011-06-30" & ">2011-06-01") & IF(B(At current number) "=COH",1,0)

My problem is trying to get that (At current number), because I want to check the value of D at the current selection.

Ex. When the COUNTIF runs, I want it to execute like this

  1. Date is not in range //////////////// Count = 0
  2. Date is in range, B != COH ///// Count = 0
  3. Date is in range, B != COH ///// Count = 0
  4. Date is not in range //////////////// Count = 0
  5. Date is not in range //////////////// Count = 0
  6. Date is in range, B = COH ////// Count = 1
  7. Date is not in range //////////////// Count = 1
  8. Date is not in range //////////////// Count = 1
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In the first row of column C you could enter:

=IF(AND((A1<DATE(2011,6,30)), (A1>DATE(2011,6,1)),(B1="COH")),1,0)

And then fill all the cells below with this.

Then the sum of all of the values in the C column will be your result.

DATE requires the ends of the date range as (year,month,day)

AND does logical and

If you are set on a single function:

=COUNTIFS(A1:A6,"<2011/6/30",A1:A6, ">2011/6/1",B1:B6,"=COH")

should do the trick too.

Another answer points out that COUNTIFS requires Excel 2007 or better, and an alternative if it is not available.

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Which version of Excel are you using? In Excel 2007 and later versions try using COUNTIFS with this formula in row 1 copied down


or in earlier versions you can use SUMPRODUCT


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