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In ubuntu 12.04, sound is not working in VLC player, when i play any videos, but work perfect when i use to play videos in Ubuntu default "Movies Player". does any body know the solution.

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You have probably already checked that the volume setting and mute setting in VLC are OK. But I will remind you, just in case :) –  Adrian Ratnapala May 28 '12 at 10:29
thanks for the reply, but i already check everything millions times, even i re-install it again on my ubuntu. then even i don't know what went wrong. this pissing me off. –  Navneet Singh May 28 '12 at 19:27

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Yes, @crate's answer worked for me.

VLC would mute or go silent after pausing. I went into Tools > Preferences > Audio. I had to change output module to ALSA audio output. But that, in itself didn't work. I had to then change device to HDA Intel, HDMI 0 HDMI Audio Output. Now it works great. Of course, you'll have to alter your device to what'll work on your rig. I'm running VLC 2.02 Two flower on Crunchbang Waldorf X64.

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You have to change the output module in tools > preferences > audio from default to ALSA audio output. If sound does not play after that try tweaking the device option which is present below the output module. This worked for me.

All the best. :)

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