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Is it possible to scroll using your touchpad on this laptop? All my older laptops let you scroll in some way but I must be missing something on my Fujitsu.

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Check whether the touchpad drivers are installed correctly and if necessary update them. Depending on the kind (and age) of your touchpad you might not be able to do a two-finger scroll but scrolling by using the edge of the touchpad should be possible.

You can grab the drivers here:

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Further to Ke Gu - it is probably only the edges of the pad used for scrolling. This from the AH531 user manual:

Scrolling Up/Down: To scroll up or down, place your finger on the right side of the pad and move it forward or backward to scroll up or down. Scrolling Right/Left: To scroll right or left, place your finger on the bottom of the pad and move it right or left to scroll right or left.

It took me a while to work it out for my Sony! There are also other gestures described for continuous scrolling.

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