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In Vim, with ., I can repeat the last normal mode command; for example:


deletes a line twice.
But, if I type


the cursor does't move 10 lines down. How do I repeat the last normal mode command, especially a move?

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You can repeat changes with .. Movements can be repeated with the ; command. This command seems to be new and does a similar thing to the repmo.vim script mentioned in other answers.

For example, to move to the second next c, press 2fc. Then to do it again, just type ;.

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; isn't new. It's a standard vi command. Vi remembers the type and target character (but not numerical argument) of the last f/F/t/ T motion and ; repeats it. It doesn't repeat other motions, however. – pyrocrasty Jun 4 '15 at 2:47

Actually . repeats the last change, not the last normal mode command. As Paul said, you will need a plugin to allow you to repeat motions.

See ":help .".

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vim doesn't do this unfortunately. The best you can do is install the repmo.vim plugin, which repeats movement commands that have a count.

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