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When working on Windows Vista, there seems to be an issue when I plug my laptop into another monitor, using both monitors. The issues is after using both monitors, I unplug my laptop from the other monitor while my laptop is on, but the programs still think there is another monitor not returning to only the laptop screen. Is there a way to auto reposition windows for all programs back to one monitor without doing a reboot? Rebooting is sometimes a big hassle when I am working.

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It is possible to disable the screens of many laptops with an Fn + other key shortcut.

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This is probably the fastest way to do it. – hyperslug Sep 20 '09 at 17:33

You can move a window back onto the visible part of the screen using the window menu.

Right-click the window's icon in the Windows taskbar and you should see a menu appear that looks like this:

Window menu

Click the Move entry and then press an arrow key on your keyboard (doesn't actually matter which one) you should see the mouse pointer change from a cross back to the normal pointer. Just move the mouse pointer back from the edge of the screen and eventually your missing window should appear.

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I have tried this in the past with no luck. – Daniel Sep 22 '09 at 19:12

There's a command-line tool called ResSwitch that can disable the secondary display, automatically taking all windows back to the primary. You could copy this

resswitch /device:\\.\DISPLAY2 /detach

into a batch file and put it on quicklaunch.

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