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I m looking for a way to map CNTRL+p and CNTRL+n in command prompt to previous and next command in history. I m aware of F3 and up/down key but I m habituated to CNTRL+p/n on linux.

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CMD also supports arrow keys (/) to navigate the command history. Pretty addictive hotkeys they are. – Andriy M May 29 '12 at 7:19
yeah I know about that , but its faster with cntrl+p/n as they are almost below the finger. Going and pressing those arrow keys is pain . – Vihaan Verma May 29 '12 at 7:33
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You can translate Ctrl-P, Ctrl-N to Up and Down keys with AutoHotKey.

    send {Up}

    send {Down}

You can limit the translation to happen only in Cmd.exe window:

    IfWinActive, Your-command-window-title...
        send {Up}
    } else {
        send ^P

    (similar to above)

Well, I'm in Linux box, so I don't know the exact window title of cmd.exe, check it yourself.. Hope it works!

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