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On a certain machine I installed a Dell 2355dn Laser MFP printer, now how can I find out what files on the hard drive are used as drivers to access the printer.

I assume they must be under c:\windows\system32\drivers, right?

I know DriverView from NirSoft that lists all drivers on the system, but I did not find any Dell drivers?

Any ideas how to list them?

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you can see all file associated with Specific Driver in Driver File Details

  • Open Device Manager window ( Go to RUN menu and type "devmgmt.msc")

Device manager Window

  • rigght Click on particular Device that you want and select Properties
    Go To Properties Of Device
  • in Properties window Click on Driver Details button
    Driver Details

    • in Driver Details Window You can see What files are associated with this Device Driver
      associated files with Device Driver

Good Luck!

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If the thing is configured in Device Manager, then you can find which driver is being used on one of the tabs of its properties.

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In my case the drivers for one of my network printers were located in system32\spool.

To find out, I opened the printer porperties in DeviceManager/PrintQueues/[14]

enter image description here

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