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The matlab.tmbundle for textmate seems to consider a single quote ' as the beginning of a quote instead of the transpose operator. I couldn't really find a solution online and I am dubious that the developers would miss such an obvious feature.

Any way to fix this? thanks!

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Seems to have been supported for a while now


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Judging from some occurances on the internet it seems like the developers noticed the problem. However, the current status is not quite clear.

This commit suggests that it may have been solved, and that the problem can occur if you are using an older/different version.

If the problem still occurs you may be able to file a bug report. If you are really devoted you can of course use transpose() rather than a quote but this is quite an intrusive workaround.

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yes, it has been fixed now. thank you – ejang Jan 14 '13 at 18:45

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