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I have a laptop that came preloaded with Media Center 2006. A virus has deleted some Windows files. It boots to a black screen, safe mode is not possible.

The OEM recovery disc will wipe the disc clean before reinstalling Media Center. This will delete all programs and files on the HDD. Is there any way to perform a non-destructive reinstallation?

Full retail copies of Windows XP Professional have this option, but OEM recovery discs do not. Media Center Edition was never made available as a full retail version – it was OEM only for builders.

Is it possible to use a full retail copy of Windows XP Professional (a non-Media Center Edition), to revive this system without reformatting the HDD and deleting all programs and files?

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The recovery disks can usually do a re-install as well. Read any documents you can online about if this option is available as how to do it is usually specific to a manufacturer's recovery disks. Might help to post that information as well (Make, model etc). – Brian May 29 '12 at 20:42
Are you talking about doing a repair install? I wouldn't recommend trying to use an XP Pro disc to do a repair on Media Center box, I believe there are slight differences in files. – jmreicha May 30 '12 at 20:40

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