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I use ReadyBoost to increase the performance of my Windows 7 x64 with 2GB of RAM with noticeable results.

I have a high speed SD card capable of 100Mb/s with a 16Gb capacity. Ready drive seems to only use 4GB of it.

Can I partition my SD card so I can use more space for readydrive purposes? Should I put my page file on the extra space?

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You can format the drive with the exFAT file system and use all 16GBs of it for ReadyBoost. "Windows 7 also supports the new exFAT file system" "Windows 7 allows up to eight devices for a maximum of 256 GB of additional memory,[5] with up to 32 GB on a single storage device"

I realize this doesn't answer your question of what else to use it for, sorry. If you use whole drive encryption you could store your key(s) there.

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