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There is an option to "Make text and other screen items larger or smaller". How to set only the font size but leave the other screen items unchanged?

Motivation I have a netbook, the screen is small and there is no space to scale up non-font elements or else they go off-screen.

On the other hand, the fonts are too small to be easily read.

My priorities are:

  • the font size of the start menu
  • a system-wide setting, if possible
  • a list of registry entries would be the best :)

I looked for the other answers but I think they would upscale everything, not just the fonts.

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Go to...
Control Panel > Personalization > Window Color > Advanced appearance settings... ...or...
Right-click the desktop, select Personalize, and continue with the above sequence.

enter image description here

From here, you can change the system-wide font size (on its own) for various things. Changing the Icon font size is the one that affects the Start Menu text.

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