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I'm trying to build gstreamer_ndk_bundle under Ubuntu 12.4 and I'm failing miserably! I have installed all "glib-dev" packages (packages that in their name have glib and dev), and also I have tried to compile/install glib 2.33.1 (latest) from source, but I always get this error:

/home/marko/gstreamer_ndk_bundle/jni/../glib/gobject/gmarshal.c:149: undefined reference to `g_value_get_schar'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [/home/marko/gstreamer_ndk_bundle/obj/local/armeabi/] Error 1

This means that glib source doesn't have the definition for g_value_get_schar, and since that function was introduced in glib somewhere after version 2.30.0, my guess is that I am not using proper glib!

I tried to force gstremaer_ndk_bundle to build with sources from the folder /home/marko/glib-2.33.1/ which I compiled/installed by exporting these env vars:


Also I changed gmarshal.h so it includes gmarshal.h from the installed glib folder:

#ifndef _marko_glib_loaded
#define _marko_glib_loaded
#include "/home/marko/glib-2.33.1/gobject/gmarshal.h"

But failed in both cases.

  • How can I know what glib is used while compiling gstreamer and install the proper one?
  • How can I force gstreamer_ndk_bundle to use glib sources from the folder I have un-tared/configured/installed and not the system ones, or whatever ones it uses?
  • I read somewhere that I need gstreamer-devel package if I keep getting this error while compiling. Where can I find that package?! Can't Google it out...
  • Has anyone EVER built gstreamer_ndk_bundle and lived to tell the tale?
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I set --enable-debug=no flag in glib/ And the link error is gone. Try this. P.S. You have to start ./ to reconfigure all the packages.

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