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I live in Canada and am having trouble understanding how to use Skype.

  1. Can I get an unused phone number or do I need to have a phone number which I can then assigh to Skype. What do I need to do to achieve this?

  2. I know I need to have my computer on, but will an incoming call wake my computer up from hibernation or does it have to be active?

  3. How will I receive a "ring" if I am using another program and some one wants to reach me?

  4. I cannot seem to find out what services are included in the monthly subscription:

    • IS there call waiting?
    • Is there voice mail?

I appreciate any direction. Best regards.

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For #2 you could bye a Skype Phone (no computer needed) – Nifle Sep 18 '09 at 12:22
#2. Thanks for the lead. – Xavierjazz Sep 18 '09 at 14:10
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  1. Skype will give you a number.

  2. I wouldn't think your computer would wake up in time for a call.

  3. Most modern operating systems can playback multiple audio streams from multiple programs.

  4. Here is the skype pricing page:

Everything looks to be a la carte - no set plans, which is nice.

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AS far as I can tell, I canot get a number from Skype which will allow people tp phone me from their land or cell phones. Does anyone know if this is true, or am I misinformed? – Xavierjazz Sep 18 '09 at 14:11

As far as I can find out, Skype is unable to give me a number that people can contact me on. Therefor it is useless to me.

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