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In Windows 7, I have installed the Firefox browser, which apparently registers itself as the default FTP handler, but doesn't handle FTP very well. How can I make FTP links open in Internet Explorer, but keep Firefox as my default browser?

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Click the Start Orb then click Default Programs and select Associate a file type or protocol with a program.

enter image description here

This may take a while to load. From here, Go to the bottom and look under Protocols select FTP

enter image description here

Then double click on Internet Explorer and you are done!

enter image description here

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But what if I want to associate a protocol with an application that is not shown in the Set Associations dialog?

Ex: I want to make the application "CoreFTP" the default handler for FTP and SFTP protocols, but CoreFTP is not shown in the Set Associations dialog when I click FTP under protocols.

Another issue: How do I add a protocol to the list? Eg, "SFTP" is not in the list of protocols.


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