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Possible Duplicate:
Does DVI carry audio?

I've got an Acer eMachine running Windows 7 64-bit and I'm hooking it up to my TV using an HDMI-to-DVI cable. Obviously, the HDMI end of the cable is plugged into my laptop and the DVI end of the cable into the TV. I've got a beautiful picture but any and all sounds come out of the speakers on my laptop. I've tried going into Control Panel -> Sounds and clicking "Show hidden devices", but the only thing that pops up is an old TV I hooked up with a normal HDMI cable. Anyone know why I can't get sound through my TV?

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The short answer is that DVI doesn't do sound, and HDMI does.

Does your TV support HDMI? Then you should just use a straight HDMI cable.

Does your laptop have an audio-out port? If the laptop has a headphone jack and the TV has RCA inputs you could get a 3.5mm to RCA cable and use that to connect them, then you should get the laptop sound out of the TV speakers.

RCA inputs look like this:

RCA inputs

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DVI doesn't carry audio.

  • DVI = Digital Visual Interface (link)
  • HDMI = High-Definition Multimedia Interface (link)

You'll need to run separate lines for audio.

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Basically, HDMI cables carry the Video and Audio signal, and DVI cables just conduct Video.

Take a look:

HDMI supports the transport of packets, needed for digital audio, in addition to digital video. (source: )

and also does-dvi-carry-audio-signals-as-well-as-video

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