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Dropbox 'selective sync' function remains files only in the webstorage and delete the files in my local computer. How can I do the opposite? I want to keep some files only in my computer but not on Dropbox web folder.

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Move them to a folder outside the dropbox folder? – Akash May 30 '12 at 21:07
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If you do not want to sync certain files, you'll need to move them outside the dropbox folder. As far as I know, Dropbox does not currently offer a way to ignore specific files inside the Dropbox folder.

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Copy the folder outside the Dropbox folder, then disable that folder in Selective Sync. If you copy the backup to the same place and Dropbox will ignore that folder from syncing. (Later on, if you enable it again, it will upload as a conflicted copy.)

Read this article: Dropbox - How do I select which folders to sync to my computer?

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