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My laptop has been running very very slow and I kept getting this "unresponsive message kill or wait. So I did loads of reading in the help and support and did abit of fiddling about to see if this and that would work, but kept getting the "uniresponsive message" and its was running very very slow, that blue circle was driving me CRAZY.

So I did something new for the first time.DEFRAGMENT my laptop. I was still having probelms trying to get into google chrome, so I unistalled it and re-installed it but its telling me the page is untitled in the box below the unresponsive do I want to kill them or wait question. I've tried both, but NO SUCH LUCK.I've tried reading another peoples questions and answers but after at least 8 hours I'm getting no where..... JUST FRUSTRATED..... I'm a illiterate when it comes to technology. My laptop runs Windows Vista.

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You need us to help us help you. Hit the start button, right click on computer, and hit properties. Add the following information from there to your question - Processor, Ram, System Type and Installed memory - this will help us have a better idea of what kind of system you are working with. There's a few other things we can walk you through, but this is the most basic things we'd need to even begin to help you. It would also help to give some details about your connection - wired or wireless? Is it directly connected to your modem (and is it ADSL, cable or dialup?) or to a router – Journeyman Geek May 31 '12 at 1:37
are you using any chrome extensions? you can check your connection speed online(just google it) and post it here. which antivirus/firewall are you using? one last thing, try using chrome in single process mode as given here: This will save on RAM but if chrome crashes, so will all the tabs. – tumchaaditya May 31 '12 at 8:50

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