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I have a very strange question today - how do I share my dial up internet (yeah I know you are gonna say that is slow but broadband internet isn't available in my area), so dial up and 3G connection is all I got. I also have a Vodafone USB 3G modem that picks up 3G network, I am planning to use my Vodafone 3G modem in the day since I have free dial up internet from 7:00 pm in the night untill 7am the next morning.

Some additional details: * My PC is running Windows XP Professional SP3 * I have a Sitecom Wireless Router 150N X1 WLR- 1000

I would appreciate it if anyone can provide me with a step-by-step guide!


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It's like setting up Internet Connection Sharing in Windows.

Step 1: Go to the address of the gateway in browser
Step 2: From

Setting WAN (Wide Area Network) Setting

Static IP - Choose this option to set static IP information provided to you by your ISP. You will required to type in all network information manually if select this option. This option is mostly used by business users. Lot of works if use this option, try to avoid this if possible.

PPPoE - Choose this option if your ISP uses PPPoE. Your ISP will provide you with a username and password. This option is typically used for most DSL services.

PPTP - Same as PPPoE, This option is mostly used by DSL service users with provided username, password and IP information.

L2TP - This option is mostly used by DSL service users is Europe with provided username, password and L2TP dedicated server information.

Telstra Cable: This option is mostly used by DSL service users with provided username, password and Heart Beat dedicated server information.

As a cable modem user, I will choose Automatic Configuration – DHCP option. I won't clone MAC address because the service registration is tied to cable modem's MAC address.

At the same setup page, set up the IP address for the router. This will be the router/gateway IP address that you will set on your network computers. The LAN IP address is private in your home network and cannot be seen from the internet. I set my router with IP and subnet mask

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Do not just copy and paste contents of other websites here. Include a proper citation by quoting the passages and adding a link to the source. Thank you. – slhck May 31 '12 at 14:32

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