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Possible Duplicate:
Word 2007 not counting first pages
Setting page numbering on Word

I show the number of pages as 1 / 4, with 4 being the total number of pages. But I do not want to count the first page.

Important: I know how to do it for the current page number (Starting at ..), I mean the total number of pages.

So if the document has one cover page + 3 pages, I want to show it as 1/3, 2/3 ..., not as 1/4.

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not really, it mainly explains how to start again with 1, but does not reflect the total number of pages – Horst Walter May 31 '12 at 21:06
Again referring to current number of page, not total number of pages. Answer below. Thanks anyway. – Horst Walter Jun 2 '12 at 11:18
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The solution is to use a formula:

{ = { NUMPAGES } - 1 }

Purists can even write (Examples) as below and use StartingNumber

Page { PAGE } of { = (StartingNumber - 1) + { NUMPAGES } } 

In order to avoid the syntax error:

I would say that you are typing litterally the "{NumPages}" part. You need to use CTRL+F9 to enter the both field brace pairs { { } } and then type in the text { = { NumPages } - 1 } Then you need to press F9 after you enter it to make it active.

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That last part helped a lot. I was trying to figure out why mine wasn't working properly. – Grungondola Jun 2 at 20:43

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