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I'm trying to administer the SMS trafic of my businesss centrally through a web portal.

In Europe (except UK) we don't have a numbers/SMS trafic provider like Twilio or Clickatell, nor any build in way to administer the SMS traffic for a number via http, so I will have to buy the long numbers and administer the SMS traffic myself.

For this I was looking into a hardware solution for hosting all my SIM cards - I have like 400 sims cards (= numbers). I saw that GSM modems might fit in but they don't seem to scale up very well.

Could you recommend me a GSM modem? If this is not the best way to approach this, what would my alternatives be?

Thanks in advance

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Off topic? - this is related to hardware - more exactly hardware architecture. If anyone else ever confronted with a similar challenge his/her experience would help me. – Ando Jun 1 '12 at 12:22

there was some product from china. but i'm not sure if it will work on your country or not.

try checking in this site :

modem GSM multi sims

hope it will help you

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