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as subject? In Window Explorer it's just a tick in "hide extension for know file type" but how can we do it with FreeCommander? I tried to add "HideExtension=1" in the .ini file but it doesnt work!
Many thanks

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upgrade to FreeCommanderXE, it has an option to do this

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Unfortunately, there is no option in FreeCommander to hide file extensions. (I personally have never had a problem with this, but I was surprised when I noticed you could set up a column for file extension but not filename sans extension.)

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You can hide it from profile settings. Right-click on a header in a tab and select Profile settings, then, Modify setting. You can tick the feature at the bottom of the window.

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There is a deep hidden option:

Tools/Settings/View/Column profiles

There, select a profile, then "Define columns" button (a hammer). There is open window where columns can be defined. The last check is: Show extension in "Name" column.

There "extension" for file name can be enabled or disabled.

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