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If I play full a screen game under Linux (Ubuntu 12.04 using GNOME Shell 3.4) I can not use some of my Fn keys, nor the GNOME Shell shortcuts.

For example the Fn+volume, or brightness doesn't work, but the Fn+wireless does.

Does anybody know how to make those keys works no matter what application I start?

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i think, this problem came from the hotkey driver. just try to update your repository,

i ever got same problem with you, and it resolved when i update my repository:

try it:

# apt-get update

and viola :)

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thanks, but it didn't help, also, this would only fix the FN+something problem, but I can't even use ALT+Tab to switch between windows. It works normally, and if the games isn't fullscreened but it doesn't if they are. – Jan Jun 1 '12 at 16:32

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