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Every time I open Windows Media Player it fails to detect my autoplaylists stored in <my music library dir>\Playlists. This appears to lead to sync problems since I (exclusively) use autoplaylists to sync music to my mobile. As WMP 11 fails to find the any sync autoplaylists it infuriatingly seems to decide that I want no music at all on my phone and proceeds to delete all my music off my phone.

I guess these are two seperate problems but it seems to me they are related. If anyone can shed any light on a fix, that would be much appreciated.

Many thanks

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Solution: Use something other then Windows Media Player OR move the autoplaylists to a location that can be found always. How a WMP on a desktop deletes your music on your phone confuses me. – Ramhound Jun 1 '12 at 16:51

Are you using XP or Vista?

If you press F3 in WMP and expand the Advanced Options, is your music library dir being monitored by WMP, i.e. listed and not set to Ignore?

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