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Foreword: I am not asking for the differences between Nginx and Apache, nor do I want to start a "which one is better discussion.

I would like to ask for help with choosing the most adequate solution for this particular situation. I need to setup one or more l SVN repositories accessible via HTTP, plus some PHP, Django and Ruby websites. However, and since I only have 512Mb of RAM at my disposal, I fear that Apache will be a too heavy choice... On the other hand, I have heard that Nginx does not fully support SVN (WebDAV) and Django without reverse proxying to Apache. Is this still true? Should I go for Apache/Nginx alone? Or should I set up both and have Nginx handling static content and proxying to Apacge for dynamic content?

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Nginx is smaller, simpler and more pleasant to configure, and I recommend pursuing it as your sole web server.

According to the Nginx WebDAV page, full WebDAV support is now available by combining the 'http_dav_module' with complementary module available that the page links to on GitHub.

Documentation is available elsewhere for running Django on Nginx and PHP on Nginx. Tutorials for running Rails on Nginx easily found as well.

Whether 512 MB of RAM will still be sufficient will depend on a number of factors. I recommend having some swap space available in case things are tight.

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