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I have a word 2007 document that is now 7MB in size that is being edited by many folks. I would like to figure out which of the many images in the document is the 'culprit'. My hunch is likely one or two of them is a bitmap or some other large image.

In smaller documents when this is happened I can do it by trial and error:

  1. Remove an Image
  2. Save the File
  3. Check File size
  4. repeat

Is there a more elegant solution to this issue?

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You can open the docx file in a program like winrar and see all the components (including images) that go into making the document.

Images are stored in the word -> media folder

enter image description here

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If you save the Word document as a Web Page (*.htm; *.html), embedded images will be extracted to a <document>_files folder in the same location as the new HTML file. From there, you can sort by size and find the culprit.

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This worked - thanks. Of interest - .emz Files - When folks copy and paste a Visio diagram directly instead of a image - are some of the worst culprits. –  Brian Jun 1 '12 at 22:18
You probably want Visio digrams linked and editable in such cases anyway, I guess. –  Joey Jun 2 '12 at 8:15

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