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Actually the tag and category system in WordPress and EverNote are very similar, almost exactly the same.

  • We can create a notebook/notebook group in EverNote, its counterpart in Wordpress is Category/Sub Category
  • We can mutiple tag any note in EverNote, similarly we can tag any post in Wordpress as well!

Since the two are so similar to each other in categorizing the article, I am wondering whether there is a existing solution to automatically convert between the two.

Like one click to post my EverNote note to WordPress under the same category and same tag. Or pull down my WordPress article to my EverNote account under the same category and same tag.

Preferably it can also handle image\video uploading issues as well. :)

I saw a similar questions asked years ago: Posting from evernote to wordpress So I was wondering is there any new update for this idea right now?

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Did you tried (read if this then that)? It allow you to create automated workflow between several web based services. ifttt can detect tag and category from WP and create notes within a specific notebook or tags. Might be worth the try.

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