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I'm using Google Chrome 21 Dev and I can't install .crx files. I download them, but no popup appears asking if I want to install it. Any suggestions?

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This is a known issue for both Google Chrome and Chromium developer channels since version 19. While there is currently no official fix for this, there is a hack to get this to work. For this tutorial, I'm going to use the Reddit Enhancement Suite.

  1. First, download the extension.
  2. Now, navigate to the directory and unzip RES.crx. You should get a bunch of items that are related to RES. Put all these items in their own folder, titled RES.
  3. Now navigate to chrome://extensions and select Developer Mode.
  4. Click Load unpacked extension... and navigate to the folder, RES.
  5. Click the open button to install the extension.

While this is a "dirty hack," it will allow you to install extensions until this bug is fixed.

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