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Programs like Winamp and SharpReader all use an embedded webbrowser that Windows provides for viewing webpages. By visiting sites like, the servers thinks it's internet explorer 8. I can't tell if this is ie9 in compatablity mode or not. And I can't seem to change settings for these browsers.

My question is how can I change the settings so it works as well as IE9? I more script error dialog boxes, and html5 doesn't work. But in IE9 they all work.

Just to be clear, this about ieframe, not add-ons inside of ie.

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I found the info needed here: Web Browser Control – Specifying the IE Version.

Good page on this exact issue; lots of good info.

Anyhow, there is a registry entry you can make to force the browser type (it's per-application). I just tested with Winamp, and it worked like a charm.

For 32-bit:


For 64-bit:


Create a new DWORD value, and name it after the .EXE file with the embedded browser (ie: winamp.exe).

The value to set this key to is (taken from MSDN here) as decimal values:

9999 (0x270F)
- Internet Explorer 9. Webpages are displayed in IE9 Standards mode, regardless of the !DOCTYPE directive.

9000 (0x2328)
- Internet Explorer 9. Webpages containing standards-based !DOCTYPE directives are displayed in IE9 mode.

8888 (0x22B8)
- Webpages are displayed in IE8 Standards mode, regardless of the !DOCTYPE directive.

8000 (0x1F40)
- Webpages containing standards-based !DOCTYPE directives are displayed in IE8 mode.

7000 (0x1B58)
- Webpages containing standards-based !DOCTYPE directives are displayed in IE7 Standards mode.

Winamp after adding the key (you don't even need to reboot or logout):

Winamp's Browser using IE9

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This is great. I should check to see if there is a group policy setting that can set this for the whole office. – Ben L Jun 4 '12 at 1:29

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