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My GIMP instance runs using current locale of Windows. But I want to run it with English.

How to do this?

I found page , but it does not work.

(It was ok for GIMP 2.6)

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you can also use "quick and dirty" approach: 1) find the \share\locale folder and locate your current locale (for example "cs") and the english one (probably "en_GB") 2) create backup of your current one (just create a copy of the folder - like "cs_backup") and delete the content. 3) copy the content of the english locale folder to your current one (in my case I would copy content of "en_GB" folder to empty "cs" folder)

restart GIMP and you should have english locale. :-)

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Thanks! Hope this is temporary workaround – sergtk Jun 5 '12 at 3:45

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