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my office is having some power problems, and I was wondering if there is anything in windows 7 (or software anyone could recommend) that would help monitor the power fluctuations. I have a windows 7 thinkpad (t400) plugged in perpetually - is there any way to see the history of when it switched from plug to battery and back?


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This question was actually already answered here Triggering tasks and running programs when Windows 7 is plugged in or unplugged? if you read the answer that states what the situation is, and what kind of solution you can use for your situation. Note, your question isn't a duplicate of that question, it is just that your question is answered there.

Or, you could just set the laptop to Sleep after 1 minute of being on battery, and then later look through the logs for event ID 42 in System log from source Kernel-Power as that would be a Sleep event.

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See if this software does the trick, unfortunately it does not log anything, so if the PC shuts down, sleeps or hibernates, the broadcast events will be lost.


enter image description here

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