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What is the fastest way to create message filter in Thunderbird?

I started sorting mail via filters and I have to create 10+ filters a day. I was unable to find a way to (for example) right-click on the folder and then to create a new message filter to that folder.

The fastest way I found is selecting a message, then Messsage->Create filter from message.

I was not able to find any add-on which could facilitate.

If anyone can help, I thank them in advance.

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You may be able to use a message filter import/export extension. With one you might be able to hand code filters and then import them into TB. Here's a link to one I found. – martineau Jun 4 '12 at 20:15

Sure, install my addon quickFilters. You can set it up to start up automatically and suggest adding a new filter whenever you move an email. It also prefills the filter action and conditions depending on a selected template. I guarantee this is the fastest way to create new filters. (drag-click-click or click-click-click if the mail was already moved to the new location).

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