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We have a project (let's call it ProjectToMigrate) that was created a few years ago under under a given JIRA instance (let's call it Jira-A). It contains a few thousand tasks, in various states. Roughly 10 users are linked to this project.
The instance Jira-A also contains other projects, and other users, completely unrelated with ProjectToMigrate.

This project is going to be transferred to another legal entity that uses its own JIRA instance (Jira-B). In this instance, we have several pre-existing projects and users that we should keep.

Is there any way to migrate ProjectToMigrate from Jira-A to Jira-B, including all its tasks, components, versions, related users, and other pertaining pieces of information? Any way would be fine: export/import, SQL, plug-in, or any other.
The only objective is to have ProjectToMigrate in Jira-B as if it had been created in this instance from day 1.

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